On Saturday, October 24, 2020, the Brick Morning Rotary, the Brick Township Rotary

club and BMHS Rotary Interact came together to conduct a neighborhood cleanup project at Brick Memorial High School.


Rotary members Maria and Emilio (also of the Rotary e-chapter) recently delivered copies of A Student's Dictionary and Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary for Students to students at Saint Dominic's School. These dictionaries are presented by the Brick Morning Rotary each year to students as part of our Education and Literacy Community Project 

In 2019, Brick Morning rotary donated over $8,000 to local Charities

2019 Brick Morning Rotary Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship                    Award                           School                       Major or Vocation


Emilie Allison        Rich & Lisa Lau Award        TCNJ                      Pediatrician


Gianna Stigliano   Rich & Lisa Lau Award    University of               Veterinarian



Alexis McKelvy     Rich & Lisa Lau Award    Stevens Institute        Quantitative Finance


Kately Cilino         Rich & Lisa Lau Award    Coastal Carolina          Education/Biology



Devin McLafferty   Dr. Bob Pederson         Westchester University      Nursing



Molly Tully              Dr. Bob Pederson         Northwestern University  Biochemistry



Kevin Sinclair        Vocational Scholarship       Ocean County          Computer Repair                                                                                    College      

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